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It is essential to enhance your ability to recover and regenerate after a training session or a game. The process of recovery is when athletes overcome the stresses of the training and tactical environment with active and passive methods."


A proper recovery strategy regenerates your muscle, mind and reduce the risk of injury for optimal performance. Identifying the type of stress in an athlete and designing a recovery plan to address it can help athletes. We design an individualized recovery plan based on the factors above.


Our recovery plan includes rest, sleep, yoga, massage, static and dynamic stretches, cold plunge and contrast hydrotherapy, active rest and recovery steady state ESD. Proper recovery is vital for an athlete to reach their goal.



Biomechanical evaluation and insights towards the sport and its demands help the therapist to move the player from an injury to rehabilitation and finally to the game. Therefore by understanding both worlds, a therapist can provide a more efficient plan. We provide return-to-sport rehabilitation, prehab, sports injury management, orthopaedic and other necessary facilities surrounding physiotherapy for teams and individuals.

A comprehensive tailor - made rehabilitation program is given to have a speedy recovery."

With our physiotherapy services, we focus on performance by efficiently restoring movement and function. Our physical therapy services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training or return to sports activity. After an extensive evaluation of each injury and dysfunction, we identify imbalances and weakness that would have factored into the cause of injury.

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